Noise Management

Regional Noise Management Plan

In 2013, the Regional Noise Management Plan (RNMP) developed by NCIA in collaboration with the Energy Resources Conservation Board (ERCB) received final approval. The RNMP provides a regional approach for managing environmental noise from industrial activity and is the regional solution for NCIA member companies to comply with the Alberta Energy Regulator's Noise Control Directive 038.  

The RNMP is the first-of-its-kind in North America in applying industry best practices for noise management. Through the plan, NCIA member companies are to adopt best practice principles for noise management and implement the plan on the basis of what is achievable and practical to address the following:

  • Normal operating conditions
  • Routine planned event strategies
  • New facility standards

Regional Noise Model

The Regional Noise Model, developed following the RNMP, is an online tool showing typical noise levels in Alberta’s Industrial Heartland. 

In order to populate the model, participating facilities work with a noise consultant to develop a site noise model. Site models are then combined into one regional model to show the environmental noise footprint in the region. The model can predict noise levels up to 5 kilometers from a noise source (i.e. an industrial facility). The accuracy of the model is evaluated each year by conducting 24-hour noise measurements at 13 pre-selected locations in the region.

Explore the Regional Noise Model (last updated: 2023)