Executive Committee

Message from the 2024/25 NCIA Board Chair

For more than four decades, NCIA has provided a regional approach to environmental stewardship and safety, while also representing our member companies through a steadfast commitment to stakeholder relationships at all levels. With so many industry-leading companies calling the region home, I’m pleased to be stepping into the role of Board Chair for 2024-25.

Recognizing the value for Albertans is far more significant when issues are explored from a variety of vantage points, we will continue to focus our time and efforts on connecting with local agencies, cultivating beneficial partnerships, collaborating on effective policy, and advancing shared agendas and opportunities.

NCIA spends over 12,000 person hours/year working with government (municipal, provincial and federal) on policy matters related to the Edmonton Metropolitan Region (which includes Alberta’s Industrial Heartland). We will continue to be actively involved, both as an association and as individual member companies, in the following areas:

  • Regional Effects Management: Air, water and land
  • Ambient Air Quality (with Fort Air Partnership)
  • Groundwater Management
  • Industrial Noice Management
  • Designated Industrial Zone (DIZ) for Alberta’s Industrial Heartland

I appreciate the hard work of NCIA’s Board of Directors, various committee members and our community partners—all of whom significantly contribute to our achievements. Through our shared commitment and collective efforts, we continually demonstrate how NCIA is ensuring sustainable development, environmental stewardship and the ongoing health, safety and prosperity of our community.

I look forward to continuing to work with our 22 member companies, government and community members as we reach additional milestones and achieve even greater success.

Greg Poholka
Sherritt International
NCIA Board Chair (2024/25)

2024-25 Executive Committee Members

Patrick Howe (Executive Director)
Northeast Capital Industrial Association

Greg Poholka (Chair)

Peter Duda (Vice-Chair)
NWR Sturgeon Refinery 

Don Cameron (Director)
Dow Canada

Kenny Chijuka (Director)
Pembina Pipelines 

John Hunszinger (Director)
Keyera Corp.

Wendy Konsorada (Director)
Shell Scotford

Devin Iversen (Director)
Cenovus Energy

Ted Sawchuk (Director)

Lorrie Wooden (Treasurer)

Mark Woods (Director)
Plains Midstream