Biodiversity in the Heartland

The Beaver Baffler: A "Dam" Good Solution for NWR Sturgeon Refinery

Early on in NWR Sturgeon Refinery’s construction, the company realized they needed a solution to mitigate the serious flooding and water management issues that were a result of the beavers damming the nearby creek. In order to maintain the wildlife corridor around their fence line, which serves as an important conduit for various species so they can move across the agricultural and industrial zone safely, a Beaver Baffler was initiated.

A Beaver Baffler is like the overflow drain in your bathtub—it’s a safeguard to keep the water where it’s intended. At NWR Sturgeon Refinery, the Beaver Baffler ensures the water in the nearby creek doesn’t flood the surrounding area.

A Beaver Baffler is made up of a series of plastic pipes and a wire cage that’s put at one end of the beaver dam, at the desired height of the pond, to help stop the beavers from clogging the pipes with debris. Water flows freely through the dam without disturbing the beavers, helping to lower the creek’s water levels and preventing flooding. This has a domino effect, preserving and enhancing this movement corridor and promoting the overall well-being of the local environment. The Beaver Baffler is just one example of NWR’s dedication to responsible environmental practices and sustainable development.