Finding the balance between industrial advancement, economic growth and community well-being. Together.

We have been a part of Alberta’s Industrial Heartland for nearly 40 years, and with one enduring mission: to be the voice of industry for our region.

Collaboration is our language. We use it to prosper in a sustainable way in our communities. At the heart of our work we are conveners, conversationalists and mediators, creating a common meeting ground where political and social advocacy is made possible. Collaboration enables us to align government and industry best practices and gives our partners a platform to bring ideas and innovation to the table.

Our industry members lead the way. They see growth—not only for a lifetime, but lifetimes—for the benefit of generations to come. They have expertise to share, technological advancements to pursue and well-paying job opportunities to create. They have much to protect: the peaceful neighbourhoods where their employees live, the water that sustains them, and the air we all breathe.  

We help our partners in government, industry and community take stock of our impact on the environment and our collective responsibility to take care of it. We strike the balance between the technological advancement, economic growth and community well-being that keeps our region a global industry leader.

NCIA’s member companies:

  • NCIA has 22 diverse members from large integrated global chemical and petrochemical companies, fertilizer and metals manufacturing facilities to smaller industrial service companies.
  • NCIA member companies directly employ 7,100 people (including long-term contract employees and turnaround contractors) which creates an additional 25,000 indirect jobs.
  • This translates into a payroll of $710 million (direct jobs) and provincial tax revenues from NCIA employed persons of $71 million. ​
  • NCIA member companies spend over $2 billion annually to purchase goods and services in the region – not including utilities and feedstock for their operations. ​
  • Current industrial investment in manufacturing plants and infrastructure (NCIA members only) in the region exceed $43 billion. We expect that to grow by another $15 billion in the next 10 years.
  • Municipal taxes paid by NCIA members in 2022 were just over $141.4 million plus $9.6 million in education taxes.