Protecting Our Groundwater

Groundwater is a vital resource in Alberta, supplying various domestic, municipal, agricultural and industrial water needs. Groundwater also helps to maintain lake levels and river flows. More than 600,000 rural Albertans depend on groundwater for drinking water purposes.

To manage groundwater effectively, we must understand its occurrence, movement and quality. NCIA and its members have been actively engaged in protecting our region’s groundwater quality, specifically the Beverly Channel, for many years. In addition to working with Alberta Environment and Parks on groundwater management in the Industrial Heartland region, we installed a number of regional groundwater monitoring wells that are monitored and reported on every second year (starting in 2018). 

Regional Groundwater Quality Studies (RGQS)

Spring 2022 Groundwater Quality Monitoring Report

Spring 2020 Groundwater Quality Monitoring Report

Spring 2018 Groundwater Quality Monitoring Report

Spring 2017 Groundwater Quality Monitoring Report

A Regional Groundwater Quality Monitoring Framework will be part of the North Saskatchewan Regional Planning process.

More information can be found on the Alberta Environment and Parks website.