If the old adage “two heads are better than one” is true, then NCIA is definitely on the right track. Recognizing the value of partnership, we are proud to represent a diverse group of 23 companies who are committed to working together on managing regional issues.

Home to various small, medium and large industrial leaders, including petrochemicals, oil refining, fertilizer, metals and advanced materials, and midstream operations, the Heartland is rich with partnership potential and NCIA is harnessing that energy.

“Over the years, our members have continually demonstrated the power and benefits of collaboration,” says NCIA Executive Director Dr. Laurie Danielson. “The progress we’ve been able to make as a group is far greater than what would have been possible working as individuals.”

The impressive list of NCIA achievements ranges from work on the ground with municipalities focusing on effective land-use planning to monitoring and reporting on air quality in the region through a third party multi-stakeholder organization, Fort Air Partnership.

Underpinned by a commitment to collaboration, NCIA has endeavoured to foster relationships with stakeholders at all levels.

Some highlights of this work include:

  • Joint efforts with the Government of Alberta on a regional groundwater management project to protect the Beverly Channel Aquifer for future generations.
  • Frequent engagement with local communities through open houses, newsletters, meetings, social media and more to ensure timely and accurate information about industrial activity in the region.
  • Active involvement with Northeast Region Community Awareness and Emergency Response (NR CAER). This is a world-class model for a collaborative approach to emergency response and mutual aid, and includes well-trained and knowledgeable industrial and municipal responders who are ready to provide mutual aid response as required.

In 2012, NCIA also developed an innovative regional noise management model. This regulatory tool for managing industrial noise on a large scale is the first of its kind in the world.

“Our focus really is on issues that impact the region along with opportunities for leadership,” says Danielson. “This is about bringing together the people, skills, knowledge and resources that will facilitate success.”