Protecting our Water

NCIA is involved in numerous initiatives that work toward managing industrial water use and water quality in the Industrial Heartland and Capital Region. This includes being an active member of the multi-stakeholder Water Steering Committee established to guide the implementation of the Water Management Framework for the Industrial Heartland and Capital Region (2008).

The Framework presents a collaborative, cumulative effects management approach to protect the reach of the North Saskatchewan River, from Devon to Pakan, which is directly impacted by municipal and industrial effluent discharge. Its objectives include:

  • Make Alberta a world leader in water and water reclamation.
  • Minimize the impact or footprint on the North Saskatchewan River by improving the quality of the water and ensuring water conservation practices are in effect.

A 2015 report describing the advancement on the goals, priorities and next steps of the Framework after 8 years of implementation is also available. 

For more information about water management, visit the Alberta Environment and Parks website.