Celebrating 40 years

NCIA 40th Anniversary Scholarship

Left to Right: Wendy Konsorada (Board Chair, NCIA), Carl Mahe, Ian Ference, Deven Thaleshvar, Zeth Pawlik, Brooke-Lynne Finnerty, Morgan Vany, Avery Porcina, Alex Want, Cadon Irwin, Laurie Danielson (Executive Director, NCIA), Chantal Delfs (Public Affairs Manager, NCIA)

Left to Right: Wendy Konsorada (Board Chair, NCIA), Carl Mahe, Ian Ference, Deven Thaleshvar, Zeth Pawlik, Brooke-Lynne Finnerty, Morgan Vany, Avery Porcina, Alex Want, Cadon Irwin, Laurie Danielson (Executive Director, NCIA), Chantal Delfs (Public Affairs Manager, NCIA)

Ten inspiring high school students in Alberta’s Industrial Heartland each received a $1,000 scholarship from NCIA to grow diversity within the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM), Environmental and Conservation Sciences and the trades. Through the one-time 40th anniversary scholarship fund, applicants were judged on their academic standing and an essay on how they planned to make a positive impact on their community through their chosen career. Below are some excerpts from the scholarship recipients' essays. 

I have been accepted into the neuroscience program at the University of Alberta and am hoping it will lead to medical school and becoming a doctor. | would like to combine my education and career pursuits to help and support people’s mental and physical health so they can reach their full potential in all areas of their life. We have learned during the COVID-19 pandemic that a thriving and resilient community is related to the physical, mental and social well-being of its citizens and the programs that support them. – Alex Want

After graduating university my goal is to create a local business in my community using my culinary degree. | want to create a space to give back to my community as well as thank all the incredible individuals who have helped me reach my goals. For me, giving back to the community is not just recognizing inspiring individuals but also creating a larger impact on somebody's life. – Avery Porcina

I am very excited that I was accepted to the University of Alberta to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture. I hope to learn more about enhanced agricultural resilience as our future depends on it. Our environment is key to sustainable agriculture and food security all around the world. Food is everyone’s business, but I feel we need to improve education amongst the general population on the “farm to plate” processes. Where and how our food supply comes from is more significant than ever and I look forward to learning more about it and becoming an advocate going forward! – Brooke-Lynn Finnerty

I am excited to go to school to become an engineer and help my community. Although it’s truly a marvel to see what engineers have done for the world, there are still so many problems that need solving. Today in Alberta, access to clean drinking water is still a problem many Indigenous groups face. Along with that, many people lack proper heating in the winter. Engineers can help; I will help. I intend to spend the next 5 years learning how to accomplish these goals, and when I am finished, put my knowledge to use. – Cadon Irwin

I hope to become an engineer. I want nothing more in life than to build what the world needs. As an engineer, I would work to develop the technologies the world needs. With these technologies the world will be able to operate more efficiently, resulting in greater abundance for society to enjoy. I would work to ensure this abundance is most prevalent within my community since I care so very deeply about my community and hope to see it thrive. – Carl Mahé

I am attending the University of Alberta this fall to pursue a degree in chemical engineering. I am an environmentally conscious person, and by being a chemical engineer I wish to maintain my priorities in environmentally conservative practices. Ensuring the safety of those I work with and the communities surrounding the refineries are top priorities. – Darian Persaud

I will be starting my first semester of engineering at the University of Alberta in September. In the future, I wish to work in the nuclear engineering field so that we may work to make a safer and cleaner planet for our future generations to thrive on. Nuclear energy is far more suitable for a clean and sustainable future for our planet. I wish to work with others to help fix our environmental conundrum and work towards a safer and cleaner community for generations to come. – Deven Thaleshvar

Growing up I was always one to solve problems, which is the reason for my constant interest in the STEM industry. I hope that with my involvement in the community I can bring the idea of a STEM field available to people. I would like to pursue my master’s in computer engineering and start my own business with a focus on helping my community, whether that be designing more efficient and environmentally friendly batteries or creating code for safe automated robots. – Ian Ference

In my career, I hope to work with industries and help them find solutions to greatly reduce their carbon footprint and their waste level. For example, farming is a massive industry within Alberta, and one to be proud of. The terrain found here makes the province an ideal place for the market. However, animal agriculture is one of the leading greenhouse gas emitters, cited as being responsible for around twenty percent of human greenhouse gas emissions. I’d like to introduce more efficient livestock management practices to hopefully decrease the amount of greenhouse gas emissions that are being released from these plants. – Morgan Vany

I am excited to be attending NAIT in the Civil Engineering Technology program in the fall. This career path has really interested me because I have grown up watching what others have built and have always considered what I like about those things. However, I have also thought about what I would change. I want people to see my designs and think about how they would make them better, because that is how things continue to get better in our world. By pursuing a career in Civil Engineering Technology, I hope to directly be a part of taking our communities into a future that I know I can be a part of and be proud of. – Zeth Pawlik

NCIA 40th Anniversary Scholarship Recipients