The Fort Saskatchewan Regional Industrial Association (FSRIA) was formed as a non-profit organization to foster economic stability and encourage commercial growth within the Fort Saskatchewan area—a recognized industrial center in Alberta.  FSRIA started with 6 members, and today has grown to 25 members in four municipalities.


Working with the provincial government on Industrial Property Taxation, FSRIA successfully demonstrated that the application of education taxes on top of the Machinery & Equipment taxes was not competitive with other jurisdictions in Canada.  As a result of this work, and a commitment on the part of industry to invest an additional $20 billion in new plants, the government agreed to phase out education taxes from the Machinery & Equipment taxes paid by industry beginning in 1996 over a five-year period.  With the industrial investment commitment achieved in 1997, education taxes were eliminated from the Machinery and Equipment taxes paid by industry in the 1998 tax year.  The reduction in education taxes paid by industry was more than offset by increased taxes paid from the increased investment in the province.


Northeast Region Community Awareness and Emergency Response (formerly a subcommittee of FSRIA) was formed as a non-profit organization to continuously strengthen an integrated emergency response capability in the region and to develop a cooperative community awareness program.


The FSRIA Business and Economics Committee advanced the concept of a collaborative approach to industrial growth between industry and the four host municipalities.   This resulted in the formal launch of Alberta's Industrial Heartland Association in 1998.


In the late 1990's, a few industrial members provided some ‘seed’ monies to get Fort Air Partnership (FAP) launched.  In 2000, all members of the industrial association provided ongoing support to the Fort Air Partnership.


The Fort Saskatchewan Regional Industrial Association changed to the Northeast Capital Industrial Association (NCIA), a non-profit co-operative that seeks to understand, and reduce the environmental impacts of member industries through collaborative efforts with the community and all levels of government to support sustainable industrial growth.


Partnered with the Northeast Community Awareness and Emergency Response group to launch a new Community Notification System, the first of its kind in Canada, featuring an UPDATEline and a Call-Out system.


The Northeast Capital Industrial Association celebrates 30 years in your community.


NCIA began to implement its Regional Noise Management Plan (RNMP), which was developed in collaboration with the Energy Resources Conservation Board (ERCB) over the past five years. It is the first initiative of its kind in North America in applying industry best practices for noise management.


Regional Noise Management Plan (RNMP) endorsed by AER and AUC.


Regional Noise Management Plan (RNMP) models updated and released publicly in October.