February 2013

Message from the Executive Director


As 2013 unfolds, it is shaping up to be another busy year for NCIA as we work with the provincial government and other key stakeholders on many fronts.  Our main areas of focus this year include:

We look forward to getting underway in the important work of these initiatives alongside other industrial associations with whom we have partnering relationships, airsheds and municipal groups as well as government, industry and our community. 2013 will be an important year for NCIA and its members working together to achieve important milestones and implement key initiatives for the betterment of us all.  Let’s begin!










People Profile: Meet Todd Scheider


Todd Schneider’s connection with the Industrial Heartland traces back over 45 years, having been raised here with his family’s roots deeply entrenched in the area. Todd has also worked in the region for over 25 years. He has truly spent his lifetime living and working in the Heartland. At one time, his family, including his grandfather, father and two uncles, also worked and farmed within just two miles of his current workplace of Pembina Pipeline Corporation. In fact, that is one of the reasons why he has stayed for so many years—those innate close ties he and his family have to the community.

For the past decade, Todd has worked for Pembina Pipeline where he holds the position of Supervisor of Safety, Environment and Security. He enjoys the fact that his job is close to home, is challenging and provides well for his family. Most importantly, though, he values the role it provides him in ensuring that the industry he works for respects the area he grew up in—the place he calls home. When looking back on the industry practices of 25 years ago as compared to those of present day, Todd sees a stark contrast in terms of how industry designs, builds and operates facilities. He notes that companies now dedicate significant resources to ensure the incorporation of proven technologies into their activities while also focusing on continuously upgrading older technologies, which ultimately lowers the environmental impacts of their operations. “Keep in mind, my family and I live here too,” emphasized Todd. “I wouldn’t accept anything less than a responsible industry in my own backyard.”

During his time living and working in the region, Todd has seen many changes.  “Where I was raised, the land is now all owned by industry and all of my family and the neighboring families are gone,” reflected Todd. “Yet for over 25 years, the growth that’s associated with that change has provided for my family through enabling my wife and I to be employed and raise our family here.”  Some of the things he values most about the region are that it is well developed, shows continued progress, as well as has good schools and many amenities that are conducive to family life and raising children. And there is lots of opportunity for work as well.

Todd has been a valued member of NCIA’s Environmental Management Committee for over 20 years. He considers environmental stewardship to be an important component of good corporate citizenship and responsible growth and development. “We in industry have a responsibility to be good corporate citizens in the communities where we work, which includes being stewards of the environment and providing safe jobs but not at the expense of our rivers or the air we breathe,” said Todd. His hopes for the region are many, and they include having the capacity to continue providing opportunities for generations to come so that community residents can still work and live in the same area they call home.