October 21, 2014 – Waste Reduction Week is fast approaching and the Northeast Capital Industrial Association is eager to share how its members are reducing, reusing and recycling in Canada’s largest hydrocarbon processing region.

“Every year during the third week of October, communities across the country are encouraged to consider their actions and to adopt more environmentally conscious choices,” explains NCIA Executive Director, Dr. Laurie Danielson. “Since our inception in 2001, NCIA has demonstrated a strong commitment to sustainable growth and stewardship in the Heartland. We are extremely proud of our progress and looking forward to building on this success in the future.”

While NCIA’s 25 member companies are guided by individual environmental policies within their facilities, many members have also taken the added step to identify shared priorities and to capitalize on opportunities for industrial synergy.

“Part of the draw of this distinct region is the fact that it is home to so many industry leaders with diverse operations,” says Dr. Danielson. “It’s an environment that is not only extremely conducive to creative partnership approaches, it also offers significant benefits.”

In 2010, Aux Sable and Shell Canada entered into an innovative Off-gas Processing Agreement that has resulted in gains for the environment and both businesses. Aux Sable now transforms off-gas, a waste by-product from Shell’s operations, into valuable feedstock. The products -hydrogen, natural gas liquids and lower BTU residue gas – are then returned to Shell through shared pipelines between the two facilities.

“The collaboration is mutually beneficial,” explains Dr. Danielson. “It ensures a long-term feedstock source for Aux Sable and helps Shell to reduce its environmental footprint.”

Although there are companies that use off-gas to fuel their operations; Aux Sable provides a more environmentally friendly alternative. In fact, the switch to a cleaner burning natural gas has resulted in Shell’s annual CO2 emissions dropping by approximately 125,000 tonnes, which is the equivalent of taking 25,000 cars off the road.

“Our NCIA members are making the most of the resources at their fingertips” say Dr. Danielson. “It’s about adding value wherever possible.”

NCIA is a not-for-profit cooperative representing industry operating in the City of Fort Saskatchewan, Strathcona, Sturgeon and Lamont Counties. For more than a decade, the association has been working with industrial organizations, neighbours, government representatives and industry stakeholders to support and advance sustainable growth and environmental stewardship in the region. NCIA is proud to be the voice of industry in Alberta’s Industrial Heartland.

For more information, please contact:

Dr. Laurie Danielson
Executive Director
Northeast Capital Industrial Association
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