Looking Ahead – Message from the ED

With 2016 firmly in the rear view mirror and opportunities associated with the new year unfolding, it is a great time to reflect and celebrate our achievements.

Although this newsletter touches on the interesting work NCIA has been involved with both past and present, one thing that I am most proud of to date is our continued ability to work in partnership.

Be it identifying shared goals, progressing key issues or advocating on behalf of our members, NCIA is a useful connection point for people across the region. It certainly feels good to know that we are helping break down barriers that affect our collective efficiency and effectiveness.

I am looking forward to even more headway in 2017.



Municipal Government Act Update

As many of you know, NCIA has invested much time and effort into the Municipal Government Act review. From the outset of this process, we made a firm commitment to ensure that industry was well represented, kept informed and given an opportunity to share concerns.

Going forward, we will continue to work with CAPP and other associations to ensure our voice is heard. As part of the government’s Executive Advisory Committee on the Centralization of Designated Industrial Properties, NCIA will be providing advice to government and other key stakeholders on important MGA issues.

GOA Policy/Regulation Work

NCIA remains committed to progressing joint initiatives that focus on air, water, land and noise. Over the next year, we will be focused on the following:

  • Working with Alberta Environment and Parks (AEP) on the Industrial Air Emissions Management Planning piece.
  • Collaborating with our members and government stakeholders to understand the impact of Base Level Industrial Emissions Requirements (BLIERs) for NOx emissions reductions in the Capital Region. In particular, we are hoping to work together on strategies to meet stringent requirements for boilers and heaters.
  • Active contribution to the Regional Groundwater Framework, which will be led by the North Saskatchewan Regional Plan (NSRP) later this year.
  • Working with AEP on the Effluent Characterization Program to ensure appropriate monitoring and reporting requirements for effluent entering into the North Saskatchewan River.

Road Trip – The Sequel

Similar to last summer, NCIA is planning to hit the road again in June. Following the success of our 2016 regional bus tour, we are arranging another road trip to help showcase industries in the Heartland and its great assets.  Plans are still in the works but we are looking forward to hosting representatives from AEP and Alberta Energy Regulator (AER) as we tour Agrium Redwater and Access Pipeline.

Networking News

In February, NCIA hosted a gathering at the Coast Plaza Hotel in Edmonton. The event included various industry stakeholders, government representatives and speakers from the AER, AEP, and Economic Development and Trade.

The purpose of the informal meeting was to continue to build relationships, to provide information and to spark further conversations about key issues including carbon, air and water in the Heartland.

The morning was packed with value. After our respective panel members provided all in attendance with an overview and highlights of recent developments on each topic, a question period ensued where additional areas of importance were raised.

Not only did the event provide an opportunity for people to connect and learn, it allowed everyone to explore the potential for collaborative action going forward. We certainly enjoyed ourselves and we will look to make this an annual tradition.

Looking Back at 2016

Our Annual Report to the Community is now available on our website.  We certainly are proud of our achievements last year and are looking forward to many more milestones in 2017. Check it out!

Timely Tweets

@NCIA_Alberta We think social media is a great way to share information and spread key messages. If you haven’t already checked out our Twitter feed please do. We’d love to connect and learn more about your news and upcoming events.