Message from the Executive Director

The school year is out and summer break is officially in session.

As always though, summer never seems to be downtime for us at NCIA and we’ll be working away on our priorities. For example, we’ve reached out to our new MLAs and Ministers to introduce ourselves and we hope to meet some of them over the summer.

Also of note is that we are conducting noise measurements around the area again this August to compare with our regional model so the community may see some activity in the region. We’ve also received our updated Google earth regional noise model and will have that available for the public on our website this fall.

Have a happy and safe summer,


Heartland 101: Weather and Forest Fires Impact Local Air Quality

Emissions from industry, automobiles, homes, forest fires and other sources all have an impact on air quality. Higher levels of particulate matter in the summer are usually due to smoke from grass or forest fires. Recent smoke coming into this region from northern forest fires has contributed to local AQHI ratings fluctuating between low and high.

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Heartland 101 is a monthly print and on-air (Mix 107.9 FM) series brought to you by Life in the Heartland, a partnership of five local organizations improving access to information, resources, and contacts for communities in and around Alberta’s Industrial Heartland.

Timely Tweets

Although we were treated to some unseasonal temperatures in January, this month’s colder weather has served as a reminder that spring is still a fair way off.  These chilly days however haven’t deterred our NCIA birds who have been busy tweeting away @NCIA_Alberta.

We think social media is a great way to share information and spread key messages.  If you haven ’t already checked out our Twitter feed please do.  We’d love to connect and learn more about your news and upcoming events.