NCIA and several member companies are active participants on a number of air-related initiatives including the following:

Air Management Framework for the Capital Region

NCIA and industry companies along with our municipalities, Alberta government and other regional organizations have completed an Air Management Framework for the Capital Region, which moves the long-standing system of regulating individual facility emissions to regulating on a regional basis. This effort is now largely focused on efforts to reduce the formation of fine particulate matter in the Capital Region.

Fort Air Partnership

NCIA supports the Fort Air Partnership (FAP) and provides the majority of FAP’s funding with support from Alberta Environment and Parks and Alberta’s Industrial Heartland Association.

Additional information on air quality can be found on the Alberta Environment and Parks website.


NCIA is involved in numerous initiatives that work towards managing industrial water use and water quality in the Heartland and Capital Region. This includes being an active member of the multi-stakeholder Water Steering Committee (and its various sub-committees) established to guide the implementation of the Water Management Framework for the Industrial Heartland.

NCIA has also been working with Alberta Environment and Parks for a number of years on Groundwater Management in the Industrial Heartland region.

Additional information about water can be found on the Alberta Environment and Parks website.


There are a number of initiatives underway with respect to Land at the moment.  These include:


While industry is not the only source of noise, NCIA in collaboration with the Alberta Energy Regulator (AER) designed a regional approach to environmental noise management—the Regional Noise Management Plan (RNMP) – a regional solution for NCIA member companies to comply with the AER’s Noise Control Directive 038.  The RNMP received final approval in 2013.

To learn more, click here. Additional regional noise management information can be found here.